The Mule and Coyote
It was suicide. Others killed themselves with poison or with a revolver. I killed myself with minutes and hours.
Henri Barbusse (via pro-solitude)
Diving deeper because you like the gear, the preparation, the discipline of the dive, the feeling of being alive and the knowledge that few if any divers have gone where you are now, is a path to finding yourself.
Smacks of Initiation, doesn’t it? (via darkasana)
History maketh a young man to be old, without either wrinkles or gray hairs; privileging him with the experience of age.
Thomas Fuller
According to the universal laws, the magician will form his own point of view about the universe which henceforth will become his true religion.
Franz Bardon, “Initiation into Hermetics” (via gnothyself)
Wheel of Statism


We need *spins wheel* higher taxes to protect us from *spins wheel* the gender wage gap, which was caused by *spins wheel* ISIS.

i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween